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 The Madness! (M)

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PostSubject: The Madness! (M)   The Madness! (M) Icon_minitimeWed Oct 07, 2009 4:31 pm

Background Story

Deep within a Government research facility, A team of scientist were frantically working on a top secret project. It’s codename, LN 9. a new type of virus to be used in germ warfare. Although it was called LN 9, the team of Scientist christened it with another name. Madness.
This new virus worked unlike any other virus know to man. It attacks the brain, leading infected people to suffer from hallucinations, extreme paranoia and in some cases complete and total insanity, inducing them into horrific acts of frenzied violence.

While on the verge of completing this new virus, A facility lockdown was placed, sealing off the research building from the outside world. No one getting in or out. Someone has released LN 9 into the air and it has infected everyone in the facility

The Madness...

It has been several hours since the release of LN9. Twenty five scientists locked themselves deep within the research complex in hopes to shield them from not only the effects of the virus, but also from the anarchy going on outside their area. The sounds of gunfire and the mad screams of other workers seemed to have snuffed out as the hours went by.

“Do you think it’s safe out there?” May asked, as she eyed the steel door. “Do you think everyone is dead? We haven’t heard anything for a while.”

“I think it might be safe.” Kien said “I don’t hear anything moving.” He turned to Nance. “You have the key to the door right?”

“Y-Yeah” She replied a bit shaken. She fumbled in the pocket and produced a key card which she tossed into Kien’s open hand. Kien slipped the key through the card reader. The door slowly opened.

Outside was quiet and dark. Only the emergency lights flashed against the metal hallways. On the other end a figure could be seen. It shifted its body toward the group of survivors and let out a low pitched moan.

“Is that the security guard Markus?" Sky asked squinting into the dark hallway Markus seemed to hear Sky and let out another moan. Then in a crazed rage, dashed toward the group all the while moaning in constant pain. Kien was ready. He grabbed a nearby pipe and swung it at Markus’ head. The pipe clunked as it ricocheted off Markus’ head and his body went limp and fell to the ground.

“This is not happening” Hope muttered as she looked down at Markus. His flesh has been rotted and hung to his bones in lumps. His vibrant eyes were now replaced with thirsty bloodshot ones.

“We are all going to die. Aren’t we?' Asheigh muttered.
“No” We just have to get out of this complex.” Terrierboy said. “We will split into groups. One group can head down to the generator room and restore the power. The other can make its way to the communication room and see if we can radio the surface for rescue. Ashleigh, Devon, Dean, Jack, Jake, Jess, Mike, Kyle, Charlotte, Samara, Kaitlin, Vivian, you guys will follow me to the generator room. The rest get to the radio room. And be careful. Who knows what else is out there….”
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The Madness! (M)
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